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Welcome to Helen Grogan Tuition

We are currently designing a new website which will be coming on line very soon.


Helen Grogan Tuition is an elite exam preparation tutoring system.  We specialise in small group tuition courses. for children wishing to apply to the most academic schools in London.  All children attending have been assessed as we do not teach mixed ability groups and our work is modified for individual requirements rather than generic work books.   We have been helping students successfully prepare for entrance exams to London's leading schools for more than 12 years. We have an outstanding track record of success with all age groups, enhanced by our lengthy experience with entry to the top schools. 


We offer tuition in small groups in the form of courses for:all year groups from 7+ to 13+. These are for examinations to enter London’s top private schools.  We are proud of our excellent track record at helping all of our students gain entry to their top choices of school.


The classes are held at The Hampshire School in Manresa Road, a lovely independent school well known to many of our parents.


We offer a personalised school entry advisory service which is helpful to those parents who are new to the process or those relocating from overseas.  This package is tailored for individual requirements including guidance, tuition arrangements and assessments.  


In addition to examination preparation classes during the term we will be starting to offer holiday courses and mock exam sessions throughout the year.


We believe that group tuition is a far more helpful way to prepare for examinations than one to one private tuition. Children develop the techniques of exam taking, including the independence and confidence they require in an exam. Our small groups ensure individual attention to each child and their requirements.  Our programme is carefully designed to build up a level of total confidence in our candidates. 


Our many years of successful results gives us every confidence that group tuition combined with our creative writing workshops, interview practice, and mock examinations will give your child the best chance to live up to their potential in an examination situation.

Benefits of group tuition
  • Children enjoy and benefit from interaction with other children from different schools.

  • It allows them to compare their standard of work with other children. We are fortunate to attract students from very academic schools so we have high expectations. 

  • Group tuition is not like a class at school as they are very small. 

  • Students are helped to learn to work independently, cope with two hours of concentrated study and behave in a mature fashion. 

  • These abilities help them in examination situations.

What we do best
  • We offer personalised school entry advice following our individual assessments prior to joining.

  • We do not have mixed ability groups open to all applicants.

  • We try to have a close relationship with our children and their parents.

  • Our excellent success rate with academic and popular schools gives us confidence in our curriculum and preparation.

  • The Headteacher of one of the most sought after prep schools regularly directs parents to the classes which we feel is a recommendation that speaks for itself.

  • Our mock examinations and interview sessions have been been invaluable, according to parents of former students.

  • My post exam advice and guidance has helped many candidates on waiting lists to gain an offer at the school of their choice.

Current Activities

Summer Term 2024

St Joseph's Primary School, SW3 2QJ 



Week 1 - 20 Apr

Week 2 - 27 Apr

Week 3 - 4 May

Week 4 - 11 May

Week 5 - 18 May


No class 25/05 & 01/06


Week 6 - 8 Jun

Week 7 - 15 Jun

Week 8 - 22 Jun

Week 9 - 29 Jun

Week 10 - 6 Jul

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For all customers please register your interest in any of our courses by submitting an

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We offer personalised advice and tuition packages for those new to the process or relocating from overseas. Please send an enquiry form for details.


Examination courses

Helen Grogan Tuition specialises in providing examination courses for students applying for the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ school examinations. 


Click here to view our full range of examination courses

 Holiday courses

We offer a number of extra classes and courses In the Holidays.  These consist of creative writing workshops, group classes, mock examination practice and interview practice.

Click here to find out more about our holiday  courses

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