1:1 Private Tuition



Helen Grogan Tuition offers Private 1:1 Tuition throughout the year. Click here to complete the registration form. 

Helen Grogan Tuition has a comprehensive list of tutors all of whom have been individually interviewed and checked by us. Many of the tutors are teachers at Saturday School so will already be known to the children. This also gives us the added benefit of seeing how the tutors work with the children and how the children react to their teachers.


Registration for New Clients         £150 

1 hour of 1:1 Private Tuition         10% of hourly rate to Helen Grogan Tuition and you pay the tutor their agreed rate to them directly. 

Tutors Fees are at the discretion of the tutor and can be negotiated with the tutor once contact is established. (Usually in the region of £70-80 per hour.)