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Cultural Visits

Why do we do these?

When we run our interview sessions we found that many children struggled to talk in an interesting

or informed way about visiting art galleries or museums. This is often a question at interviews

phrased in a variety of ways and it is important to try to demonstrate some wider cultural

awareness — especially when based in a city like London. Our trips are specifically designed to

focus on a few areas that the students can then talk knowledgeably about rather than a vague

comment about having visited certain places.


In the consortium paper of 2016 the persuasive writing section contained the question about whether you found visiting museums boring.  We feel that our visits would have helped students to comment on this in an interessting and well informed way.


We run a number of visits to art galleries and museums every year.


Our venues:

National Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

British Museum

Imperial War Museum

Tate Britain

Tate Modern


The children are taken in small groups (maximum 4) by taxi to a museum or art gallery. We have a

well defined tour around particular sections of the gallery or museum. The children are expected to

study and think about selected paintings or exhibits. We have thoroughly researched the artists we

focus on or the exhibits, and they are taught some background knowledge and information.


They then go to the educational facilities where they do some creative writing about what they

have seen.


To receive more information please fill in an enquiry form and we will email you the specific dates

and venues. If you would like your child to go with a group of friends we can arrange that.

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