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Assessment Information

Before children can join our groups we ask all children to undertake an assessment. As Helen has seen so many children over the years she is able to give you valuable feedback about where your child sits relative to the competition across the board.  By comparing your child to many children both historically and currently, and by looking at the school spectrum we can give you a good indication of which schools may be options for your child. We are fortunate to have a range of pupils from all of the top schools. We are also able to offer sensible and realistic advice about school choices.


Please make an appointment with us. We do not offer trial lessons at the groups as they are fully subscribed each term. If term has already started we sometimes take children without an assessment provided you can indicate to us that they are doing well at school.


The assessments are standardized tests which take into account their age and benchmark the children against a national average.  After many years of conducting these we are able to give you feedback about which schools might be suitable for them. We also conduct these for children who do not want to join the groups – please call for details.  These tests are payable separately and are charged at £150. 


Why does my child need an assessment?

In order for the children attending the classes to fully benefit from the dynamic of a group session the children need to be performing at the appropriate level for the schools that most children are aiming for. These are usually the most academic schools in London.


My child is doing well at school but is only average?

We welcome children of different abilities but if your child needs special support with any particular aspect of their work then group lessons are not always the most appropriate way of helping them.  If they require some expert support following the assessment we can advise you of the various other options available.



Assessment Tests

We offer assessment tests for children aged 6 to 11.  These consist of standardised maths and english tests.  




Please arrive punctually. Please prepare your child so they are 

not surprised and upset to have to do some tests (especially younger students)


Parents are not allowed to help or watch the assessment so 

please drop off your child and leave once we have taken your details.


Maths score

These tests are standardised maths tests and are adjusted according to your child’s age.  The national average is 100


Guide  (general observations)


Below 100- not suitable for private school mathematics exams.

100-110 - adequately numerate - not a likely candidate for the most academic schools

110-120 - good numeracy skills and  borderline for the most academic schools

120+-  advanced numeracy skills for age- candidate for academic schools


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