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Top tips for exam success

We think that most children can actually enjoy the challenge of an exam - it should be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate what they know, not as a means of catching them out.


Exam are nothing to be afraid of, provided children are well prepared. They are a formula for schools to test a child's potential in a variety of ways.

Exam preparation is not the same as addressing a specific educational weakness. We provide a comprehensive package which covers all aspects of exam preparation.


Exam day success checklist



  • Be aware of the individual school's particular requirements

  • Register your child in plenty of time

  • Plan your journey to the school and allow plenty of time for parking and admin on exam day

  • Stay calm and be positive

  • Avoid last minute revision in the car - it wont help and it will cause stress

  • Try not let your own anxiety show



  • Know what to expect

  • Practice the questions and have a calm and consistent revision programme

  • Wear a watch and be conscious of how much time you have for each question

  • Read the questions fully

  • Use your time to check your answers

  • Stay calm

  • Believe in yourself



Parental pitfalls
  • Giving children excessive private tutoring and unaided mock exam practice

  • Placing too much expectation on the student

  • Incorrect preparation

  • Unrealistic school choices

  • Panicking

  • Placing an excessive emotional value on the outcome of the exam

  • Making rewards contingent on exam success

  • Believing 'urban myths' about how to get into various schools.




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