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Standard 7+ Interview Questions

What is your favourite subject and why? Boys tend to reply ‘maths’ because ‘I’m good at it’

What book are you reading at the moment ? Try to have a favourite book that you can talk about

What sport do you like most? Boys invariably reply ‘football’

What are your hobbies / what do you like doing when you are not at school? Reply sometimes is ‘What’s a hobby’ Make them think about the things they are interested in. Not sport, not games on the iPad and certainly not tutoring!!

Languages spoken ?

Have you visited any art galleries or museums ? Usual response is The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum

Where have you travelled and was it interesting? Why ? Try to avoid either ‘I can’t remember’ or I’ve been all over the place

What do you want to be when you grow up ? Answer is often ‘A professional footballer’What do your parents do ? Usual answer is Dad works in business/bank and Mum - ‘does

nothing’, ‘goes shopping’ or I don’t know - even when Mum is a nuclear physicist !

Why do you want to come to this school? Please think about this and don’t say ‘Because my parents want me too” or ‘there are big sports fields’

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