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Upcoming 7+ Exams

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

General - Manners make a good first impression so please practice a polite handshake, firm grip and look at the person you are speaking too. If it is a man it is a good idea to call him Sir and if a lady try to remember what she said her name was. Wear appropriate clothing - Nothing too fashionable or formal. You know your own chid, so do address issues of shyness or being a bit excitable.

King’s Activity day

Anecdotally we understand that the activity day consists of the children being in small groups and having various tasks to perform - They are often asked to work as a team to construct something. They are given either lego or some other materials. The important thing is to appear to be able to work as a team.. Remind them to listen to other people’s suggestions and not try to boss anyone around and equally not to let anyone dominate proceedings.

They also ask them some questions as a group - usually some mental maths and general knowledge. Remember to put up your hand unless asked not to and don’t shout out. The children are observed by some teachers so being friendly and polite at all times is important.

Games - they are also sent to do some PE and once again it is important to be enthusiastic and be friendly and engaged. It’s not a sports academy but try to join in.

Single interview - At king’s they are often interviewed in pairs. Remember to let the other person speak but also don’t let yourself be pushed out of any discussion. Some children can be quite bossy. Being confident is different from being attention seeking. Do not get put off by the other candidate no matter how they choose to behave.

Reading out loud

The children are usually given a short passage of prose to read out. Practice this at home - Follow the punctuation - ie pause in the right places. Speak clearly, don’t mumble and don’t be monotonous - expression is important. Try to look up sometimes and try not to follow the text with a finger

St Paul’s

They only interview successful exam candidates and parents also have a meeting with the Head Mistress.Usually a single interview - questions as above

Group activity - often asked maths questions and also given an english task to complete - finishing a story or a poem. Observed in the group sessions by teachers in the classroom.

Parents - Given feedback about the exam results. Often asked about their commitment to going to St Pauls until child is 18. General feeling that they are being questioned about their involvement with child’s school work and activities. They do ask for quite a lot of parental involvement with projects and so on if your child attends the school.

Advice: They also seem to be interested in what your motivation is for sending your child to a highly academic school. They seem to be keen to find out if your child would be a good ‘fit’ Generally looking for self motivated confident children. Talk about your child in a realistic manner- nobody is perfect!

Bute House General activity day - Same advice as for King’s in terms of behaviour and so on.

We will be offering interview practice sessions at half term including more revision, creative writing and mock exams.

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