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Terms and Conditions



The classes are payable in full for the whole term before the beginning of the term by the date on

the registration form. Details of payment are on the registration form. If you have not paid by the due date then we cannot guarantee your child a place at the class.


There is usually a waiting list for places at the classes so after the due date we begin to fill the groups with children from the waiting list.



We require payment for a full course of lessons. We do not accept payments for lesser amounts

because you cannot attend all the classes. The teachers and venue are booked and paid for in

advance and we cannot operate on variable numbers.


Changing class times

This is not allowed unless you have discussed it and agreed it with Helen via email prior to the lessons.  We organise the groups carefully and it is very disruptive to all concerned to have children coming to different groups.  Please stay at the allocated time unless there is a compelling reason why you cannot attend at that time.


Non- attendance

If you cannot attend we are happy to email you the missed work if you request this. There are no

alternative private lessons or refunds available for non-attendance. This is stated on the registration form which you will have signed before attending the classes.


Asking your child to leave

If we feel that your child is not benefiting from the groups for one reason or other, we reserve the right to ask you not to bring them anymore.  In these circumstances you will be given a full refund of any remaining classes.  



The classes are fully subscribed so there are no discounts available.


We do not offer discounts for siblings.


May we politely ask parents not to ask for additional lessons in lieu of missed lessons, discounts for missed lessons or any other alternatives to the full term payment.


In the case of long term illness or unexpected family circumstances Helen will be happy to discuss a refund.


Personal belongings

We are not responsible for clothing or items of stationery that students bring to the classes. We do not encourage the younger children to bring their own stationery as we provide all such items.  Older children may wish to bring their own ink pens. Please make sure these are labelled or identifiable.



Eating and drinking

We do not allow eating or drinking (except water) at the classes.  Please do not send your children with food of any kind.  Please make sure that they have had breakfast before they attend.


Late collection

Please collect children promptly at the end of the lessons.  We do not have the premises beyond the times of the classes so are not able to wait inside the venue as it is booked to other groups.  Late collection will be deemed to start 15 minutes after the class has ended and you will be charged pro rata for childcare at the rate of £70 per hour.



If you have a complaint please ring Helen or email her to discuss it as soon as possible.


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